14/12/2021 | 5 min read

What We Add with Virtual Races

JustMove is a unique platform that can transform your race into a one-of-a-kind virtual experience.

What We Add with Virtual Races

JustMove is a unique platform that can transform your race into a one-of-a-kind virtual experience. Virtual races grant access to racing and race fundraising for those who would otherwise not get the chance to participate. They can transform the way you fundraise, and can provide motivation for runners during COVID-19 and afterward. However, there are some unique added benefits to JustMove that you can’t get anywhere else.

Virtual racing is here to stay, and we believe that our platform is the easiest and most affordable way to get started. Unlike other race fundraising platforms, we offer these added benefits that will turn JustMove into a long-term solution for your race fundraising:

We add flex time event opportunities.

Unlike traditional races, virtual racing offers the opportunity for runners to plan their race on their own schedule. While real-time racing is still available through the JustMove app, we also offer flex-time races that can last for a few days or a few months, allowing everyone to get their best time in to compete. These races open doors for runners who work weekends, have kids, or who otherwise can’t always attend an all-day in-person race.

We add digital personal results tracking.

In-person racing often only tracks a runner’s time, and rankings are announced at the end. With the JustMove app, runners can view their profile, position, time, pace, route map, as well as a detailed analysis of their race at any time. They can share these results with friends or can use them to set new goals and track results over time. This is a powerful motivator and part of what makes JustMove so much fun for competitors.

We allow runners to share their results with their friends via social media.

For in-person races, typically all a racer receives is a medal for top places, or some event swag to take home. With JustMove, runners can share their entire journey on social media and through the JustMove app. They can connect with other runners in the race as well, and compare results with their friends. The JustMove app offers so many different ways to connect with fellow travelers that many runners are beginning to prefer virtual racing to in-person events.

We add nationwide access to your event.

With virtual racing, you expand your potential fundraising reach to people across the country. Runners can sign up and record their times from anywhere, which not only boosts registration profits but can exponentially grow peer-to-peer fundraising efforts. With a nationwide audience, you have the opportunity to make up for what you’ve lost in other canceled in-person events during COVID-19.

We add the option of building a custom runner-friendly race website.

For in-person races, most organizations must add pages to their existing website in order to help runners register and fundraise. Or, they have runners create their own fundraising sites for peer-to-peer fundraising. With JustMove, everything the runners and organizer need are within one platform. You don’t have to add to your existing website or pay for expensive upgrades to get started. Simply sign up and we’ll create the custom platform for your race for free.

There is so much to gain through virtual racing with JustMove. We hope you’ve learned a lot, and are ready to start your own fundraising campaign with us. To learn more, visit our Solutions page or schedule a demo today!

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