Just MOVE with a fun fitness app, get healthier and enjoy journeys with insights from AI-powered coaches.

The most advanced fitness tracking application that rewards you with prizes and trees planted as you move.

Use the app's features or connect your smartwatch

Take care of your health by moving, socializing with friends and users sharing the same interests, and participating in group based activities such as “Virtual Races” and “Ghost Races”.

Walk, run, swim, bike, ski, hike, and more while tracking your activities and progress, establishing your goal, and getting the assistance you need from JustMOVE AI coaches to reach your goals.

Use the phone app or connect your smartwatch to sync your activities.

Be rewarded with prizes and trees planted as you progress in your fitness journey.

Take your fitness to the next level with JustMOVE

All across your fitness journey, JustMOVE helps you track your activities and progress, crush your goals, join group activities, get personalized insights from AI-powered coaches, and more.

Gamified app with levels, badges and rewards.

Track all your fitness activities in a single place.

Invite friends to virtual fitness challenges and motivate each other.

Get personalized Ai-driven insights that help you reach your goals.

Receive Prizes and plant trees by completing workouts.

Keep connected with friends through social news, feeds and notifications.

The Ecosystem

GameFi, SocialFi and FitFi

XP Experience Points

Users earn XP points as they use the application and these points are used to level-up in the game.


The application rewards users who move with prizes and trees planted to offset their carbon footprint.

JM Points

JustMOVE points are redeemable points collected every time users move in their favorite fitness activity.

JustMOVE Virtual Motivator

JustMOVE motivators act as virtual coaches that encourage users to reach their goals and keep it up while sharing valuable insights regarding their activities, progress, and trends.

JustMOVE AI Coach

The AI-powered coach creates personalized workout plans tailored to each user and taking into account their goals and preferences.

Social Wall

A perfect place to increase social interactions with friends and communities, reacting on posts and encouraging your beloved ones to meet their fitness objectives.

The free fitness app
without ads

JustMOVE application is accessible for free and does not push ads nor products to users.

Your fitness data is yours to use and you have full control over it. We do not share or sell your data.

The JustMOVE points are redeemable for prizes, discounts, access to special events, and planting additional trees.

We do not sell your data.

Carbon Offsetting

JustMOVE integrates rewards into its app that reduce its users’ carbon footprint by planting trees when they reach activity-specific goals. The user decides where in the world they want to plant the tree they receive.

JustMOVE team is committed to its vision: healthier people living on a healthier Planet. The app will go one step further by offering additional rewards when users replace their motorized commuting to work with green fitness related transportation.

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