14/12/2021 | 7 min read

News From the Team

Today, we are proud to share with you our latest developments with our JustMove application.

Updates from the latest months

Today, we are proud to share with you our latest developments with our JustMove application. Here are the upcoming new features that we have been working on for the last few months.

JustMove exists to motivate and reward physically active people. Many virtual challenges are available in the application to encourage people. For non-competing users, our application provides records of physical activities. The app can pair smartwatches and health apps like Apple’s Health app.

To reward users for their physical activities, we added a digital wallet and created a virtual currency called JustMove.

The concept is simple, the more you stay physically active, the more reward tokens you accumulate, redeemable for discounts with many participating merchants.

Community involvement and charities

With its concept of virtual races and its large community, JustMove has helped more than 50 organizations worldwide to organize virtual challenges in 2021. Our community of over 125,000 members has raised over $500,000 in given donations for numerous charities.

New features

This summer, we added new features to the app and created a JustMove community where people can share their runs, photos and activity reviews.

In addition, we have added many new reward badges to the app to motivate community members further.
The future

At the end of summer, the JustMove team got together and discussed what they would like to offer the community in the future with the app.

We want to motivate people to stay physically active for better physical health. When discussing health, our team proposed to see how we could also incorporate financial health and social health into our application.

Our mission redefined

These exchanges led us to redefine our mission for the JustMove application.

“To create a community where every member is motivated to stay physically active for a healthy lifestyle, improve their financial health and create positive social impacts. – JustMove, for a healthy lifestyle, in action! »

Ecology and mutual aid at the heart of our concerns

In 2021, our success with fundraising for organizations has inspired us to offer our members more opportunities to create a significant social impact to improve our world. Ecology and mutual aid are at the heart of our concerns, and these elements will be part of our JustMove lifestyle in 2022.

Financial health in 2022

Financial health is vital to a healthy lifestyle, and our discussions have led to new rewards for our members when they stay physically active. Now, members can get cryptocurrency when they improve their physical health by exercising.

A cryptocurrency wallet

To make the most of these new rewards, JustMove will allow its members to buy or sell their favourite cryptocurrencies from within the app. It will enable them to trade their cryptocurrencies with friends without fees and easily buy many popular cryptocurrencies.

A JustMove VISA debit card

Finally, our discussions with VISA will allow us to offer our members a VISA debit card that will receive members’ rewards and enable them to purchase the products and services they want online or offline and accept cashback on each purchase.

The larger our community grows, the greater the returns. All this with a free and secure card with no transaction fees.

Virtual challenge creator for friends and businesses

In 2022, our innovations will not stop there. The team adds a virtual challenge creator for friends and companies to the application.

Rewards for success

It will be possible for members to create rewards to motivate their friends to stay physically active. For example, Marie challenges Josée to walk 30 kilometres next month. If Josée completes the challenge, she will receive a $25 gift card to spend at her favourite store. Here’s an original idea for a gift to motivate your friend to make the switch to a healthy lifestyle!

The corporate version will allow employers to motivate their employees to stay physically active and offer rewards when they complete the challenge. The employee will receive the prize automatically in their JustMove digital wallet, and they can then exchange it for cash, a gift card or cryptocurrency.

Rewards for referrals

To grow its health community, JustMove will offer a rewards program for becoming a JustMove Ambassador. From early 2022, it will be possible to receive a reward for each person invited and an active member of the JustMove community.


Our team would like to thank you for contributing to a healthier lifestyle in 2021, both for our members and our charity partners. In 2022, this will be your year, and together we will create a healthy lifestyle in action!

Don’t miss the launch of several new products next week!

Thank you for your attention and involvement.


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