14/12/2021 | 5 min read

6 unique features of running virtual events

Times have changed and people are more and more willing and eager to participate in virtual events.

6 unique features of running virtual events

Times have changed and people are more and more willing and eager to participate in virtual events. Since there are no limitations based on location, logistics or size, you can organize all types of outdoor events such as running, walking, biking, hiking, etc..

You can even have indoor events if you want.

Virtual events provide a number of benefits that live events just can’t match. On the flip side, the level of interaction with participants is very different as it requires a more personalized approach to engage your community and have them inspired to participate in the event.

1 – De-materialize: Since there is no physical location and infrastructure in place you greatly simplify logistics. No need for local permits, insurance coverage, coordination with first responders, managing on-site teams or having to recruit volunteers to run the event. Organizing an event has never been easier and trouble-free. The event management platform takes care of all the virtual logistics for you.

2 – De-localize: Participants take care of the logistics of how and where they intend to participate. Since there are no geographical boundaries, you can reach a broader and farther audience who identify with your cause provided it is not specific to a local community. Some causes appeal to people all over the world based on their beliefs and values.

3 – De-monetize: Most of the savings of organizing a virtual event can be passed on to participants who pay far less for registration. In some instances tickets sell for 50% less and you cash-in more net revenue based on eliminating operating expenses. Participants also avoid all related expenses of traditional events such as: transportation, food and lodging. Thus making it more likely to make a donation during the registration process.

4 – De-centralize: Your team can easily operate from remote locations, all they need is a secured access to your management platform via an internet connection. With Zoom or Skype, you can organize meetings, share documents and streamline the management process. Most of your team’s expertise can be adapted to virtual events organizing and online fundraising activities.

5 – Digitalize: For many organizations, the timing is perfect to transfer their information and data online. Through the online registration process you gather information per participant as to personalize your messaging. With the event management platform, you can access and analyze all kinds of data from their participation and performance to your events.

6 – Re-energize: There are a number of avenues you can exploit to reengage or reactivate participants. With all that is happening now, they might be looking for what you have to offer. You can intertwine multiple media formats such as chat, social media, SMS, emails, newsletters, blog, podcasts, and even the old fashioned snail mail. You can organize a contest, challenge, quiz, survey or any type of interactive communication.

This is only an overview of the real potential of organizing virtual events.

You will also discover how much easier it is to manage peer-to-peer fundraising activities. Via your platform, they have access to training, guidance, online fundraising resources and real time reporting on their recruiting activities. Participants will also be able to form teams and approach businesses.

Your corporate sponsorship initiatives will also get a boost based on how easy it is to contribute to a cause digitally. Sponsors will get different levels of exposure based on the promotional package they choose. Your organization can also promote, recognize and value their contribution in different ways before – during – after the event.

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