!!Move with a fun and rewarding app, both in the real world and the Metaverse!!!

The most advanced fitness application that rewards you with tokens and NFTs when you move in the real world and the metaverse.

Use the app's features or connect your smartwatch or VR headset

Take care of your health by moving outside and in the metaverse, and you’ll earn rewards and tokens automatically.

Walk, run, swim, bike, ski, hike and more in the real world and dance, box, play tennis, do yoga, shoot basketballs and even sail and more in the metaverse to earn rewards for your fitness activity.

Use the phone app or connect your smartwatch to sync your activities.

Connect your Oculus Meta Quest to collect rewards from the comfort of your home.

Take your fitness to the next level with JustMove

From the real world to the metaverse, JustMove helps you track your fitness, crush your goals, compete against friends and more.

Gamification platform with levels, badges and rewards.

Track all your physical activities from the two worlds in one place.

Invite friends to a virtual fitness challenge to keep each other motivated.

It can be paired with smartwatches, wristbands and health apps.

Receive tokens and NFT for completing workout in both worlds: real and metaverse.

Social news feed and notifications.

The Ecosystem

GameFi, SocialFi and FitFi

XP Experience Points

Users earn XP experience points every time they move outdoors in the real world or in the metaverse.


The application rewards users who move with their NFT Hero with crypto tokens, NFT items and trees to offset their carbon footprint.

Cryptographic Tokens

The application offers 2 types of tokens. The Jmove utility token and the Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT).

The NFT Marketplace

The platform allows users to buy, sell and trade NFT objects with other users from the ecosystem.

The NFT Studio

The studio allows users to transform NFT Heroes with XP experience points and Jmove utility tokens.

Social Wall

A perfect place to increase social interactions with friends and communities, reacting on posts and encouraging your beloved ones to meet their fitness objectives.

The free fitness app
without ads

JustMove application is accessible for free and does not push ads nor products to users.

Your fitness data is yours to use and you have full control over it, thanks to blockchain decentralized technologies.

The marketplace offers add-ons and discounted products and services thanks to our partners, but it is up to you to choose if you want to access any or none of the offerings.

We do not sell your data.

Carbon Offsetting

JustMove integrates rewards into its app that reduce its users’ carbon footprint by planting trees when they reach completed step goals. The user decides where in the world they want to plant the tree they just received.

In 2022, the JustMove app will go one step further by offering additional rewards when users replace their motorized commute to work with walking or biking.

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